Red Rover Safe Escape Programs

Red Rover has established a grant program which helps families with pets safely escape domestic violence together. Funding is mainly provided to help with the cost of temporary pet boarding while a client is in a domestic violence shelter, though other costs associated with boarding (like vaccinations) can be considered.

Here's an example:

When Stacey’s abusive husband began threatening her with violence, she fled with her two children and the family’s two dogs to a local domestic violence shelter. Stacey could not bear the thought of leaving behind Minnie and Angel, their two Chihuahuas, but felt hopeless when she learned the shelter was unable to house them. Luckily her shelter advocate was aware of RedRover’s Safe Escape program, and she immediately applied for help for Stacey and her family.

A Safe Escape grant was approved within a couple of hours of Stacey’s escape. The grant secured one month of boarding for Stacey’s two dogs at a confidential location and gave her and the children some peace of mind knowing their whole family would be safe.

Domestic Violence
Safe Housing Animal Shelter Grants

Also, RedRover Relief Safe Housing Animal Shelter grants enable animal shelters or rescue organizations to partner with domestic violence organizations in their community. These grants will allow the shelter or rescue organization to build housing at their facility specifically for animals whose owners are staying at, or receiving services from, a domestic violence organization.