The Heartbreak of Domestic Violence


For our own safety, and the safety of others, we are still  are being encouraged to stay home during the continuing battle against COVID-19. Unfortunately, the reality is that for many women, home is anything but safe.

Domestic violence is a pattern of abusive behaviors used to establish power and control, often leading to the threat or use of violence. It's not always easy to spot, and all too often victims are too afraid or embarrassed to speak out and seek help. Awareness is key. 

Domestic violence includes physical, sexual, emotional, or financial abuse. Partners may be: married or not married; heterosexual or homosexual; living together or separated. Domestic violence occurs in all socioeconomic classes, racial and ethnic groups, age groups, religious affiliations, sexual orientations, and educational backgrounds: Domestic violence can happen to anyone.

Data shows domestic violence and child abuse increases during time of unemployment and financial stress,. The the current pandemic is contributing to factors that may result in a higher likelihood of the abuse toward women, children and pets.

Abused women need a safe place to go and desperately need emotional support. Donations are always needed in order to support the shelters and services provided by organizations nationwide. 

Every purchase from the Self-Love Style Collection helps support the work of SPARCC, Sarasota County, FL, providing Shelter,Advocacy,

Learning more about domestic violence can enable you to see the signs in a family member or friend and reach out in a safe, compassionate way.

Every purchase from the Self-Love Style Collectoin helps support the work of SPARCC, Sarasota County, FL, providing Shelter,Advocacy,

Crisis Counseling Helplines and

Educational Programs.


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